I just love IOD transfers.  They give you the ability to take something simple and make it spectacular!  Take these windows, for example.  I had a couple of vintage windows and thought I would dress them up.  Here’s what I rounded up for this project:

I started off by cleaning the old windows.  I washed them down with water first, then followed up with a good cleaning with window cleaner.  I cleaned both sides of the glass, and sanded any loose paint from the frame as well.

The next step was to trim the transfers so they would fit on the glass.  Keep the paper backing in place as you play around with placement.  The great thing about the new IOD transfers is that there are grid lines that help you get a straight cut.

Get your images centered and tape the transfer in place.  I like to use painter tape so it’s easy to remove when I’m finished.  After the transfer is taped in place, I slide the backing paper out from behind and gently press the transfer down.

Now the transfer process begins.  Each transfer includes a plastic stick that you use to rub the transfer in place.  You can tell that the color lightens when the ink transfers from the plastic to the glass.  I gently lift the plastic and rub along the lifted edge to expedite the transfer.  If you miss a spot, lay the plastic back down and rub again.  I keep this process up, moving across the transfer.

Once the transfer has fully released from the plastic, it’s time for the big reveal.  Remove the plastic to see your work.  Take a soft cloth or shop towel and “burnish” the transfer, gently rubbing the entire surface to ensure that all edges have stuck down well.

And that’s it!  It’s not possible to seal the transfers on glass without affecting the look of the clear glass.  I recommend that customers clean with a slightly damp cloth and gentle motion.

Both of these beauties have already sold.  It’s exciting how they look so intricate and detailed yet were so easy to apply.  Have you put a transfer on a window?  Tell me about it!