When Fusion announced they were bringing in new colors I could not WAIT to see what goodness was coming!  So I was delighted beyond belief when I saw them for the first time.  And I KNEW exactly which color I would use first – Twilight Geranium.  I had a bombe chest just waiting for inspiration and Twilight Geranium provided just that!


I gave it a good cleaning with Fusion’s TSP and a green scrubby.  It needed it! No scuff sanding required since the surface was rough and had a faux crackle finish.This piece had the most bizarre hardware.  You can’t get to the screws on the inside because they’re covered with the velvet drawer liners.  So I decided to leave them in and paint them on the piece. I cracked open the jar of purple lusciousness, grabbed my favorite Staalmeester brush, and started painting.  I swear I heard angels! Just look at what great coverage I got with just one coat! How does Fusion do that??  I gave it two coats for good measure but seriously, that stuff’s amazing!


Once the paint dried I knew some black glaze would take it to the next level.  My glaze of choice is actually using Fusion’s Stain and Finishing Oil as a glaze, wiping on and wiping off.  It’s oil based so I always use gloves.  For some reason that doesn’t keep me from getting it all over me!  I use an applicator pad to wipe the stain on, then a lint free cloth to wipe it back.    You can see that it darkens the color just a bit.

Perhaps you can image my joy when I finished it and put the drawers back in.  Exactly as I imaged!  She’s just PERFECT!  And I’m not a huge fan of purple!