Transition Color Concealer


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Transition Color Concealer

Ever need to paint a light color over a dark color and don’t want to paint 1,000 coats?  That’s the purpose of Fusion’s new Transition color concealer.  This off- white paint is made from recycled pigments from Fusion’s production line.  It does not have the same adhesion as the rest of the Fusion paint line because it has a different composition.  However, it’ is half the price!  So sandwich Transition between two coats of white paint for high hiding coverage, saving yourself time, money, and the environment.  See the graphic above to see how amazing Transition works.  It’s perfect for Picket Fence, Casement, and Raw Silk.  Be sure to allow 4-6 hours dry time between coats.

Available in pints.

Read more about Fusion Mineral Paint here.

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