This chest has been sitting in my garage for a while.  (We’re not going to talk about what my garage looks like) . I decided it was time to get her fixed up and ready to sell.  So I pulled her out and gave her a good scrub down with TSP.  She didn’t look dirty, but it took quite a while to get her clean!

I couldn’t decide what to do with her.  My first thought was chippy white with a farmhouse transfer on the front.  I think this piece dates to the 1940s, but there was something about her that spoke Mid Century Modern to me.  So I decided to give her a MCM remake.  I started with two coats of Homestead Blue on the box and the light yellow part of the drawers. I used the Oval Staalmeester brush because I thought it would be great both for the flat portions of the chest as well as the small trim.

I’ve never used Homestead Blue before.  Every time I think about using it, I choose Seaside instead.  Not this time!  See this??  This is ONE COAT of Homestead Blue!  ONE COAT, people!  What great coverage!

I thought I could hemp oil the wood and refreshen it but I didn’t get the results that I wanted.  So I lightly sanded the wood panels with 220 grit and carefully applied a coat of Cappuccino Stain and Finishing Oil.  After a few minutes I wiped off the excess stain.   I should have worked with the wood panels before painting the doors but sometimes I don’t think that far ahead!

I cleaned the hardware with TSP and then sprayed them gold with Rustoleum Gold spray paint.  Then I put it all together.  Such satisfaction when you see it all together!  The top got a Hemp Oil polish: a little bit of Hemp Oil and a very light sand with 600 grit.  Makes the paint feel like buttah!

So here she is!  Do you see the Mid Century look in her?  That was my goal!  I suspect she won’t last long in the booth!  Time to find a new project!