I just might have giggled with delight when I found this cute French desk.  She was in sad shape but I knew she had good bones.  (OF COURSE, I forgot to take a before picture!).  The front trim was falling off so I spent an afternoon glueing and clamping the trim back on.  After repairs, I cleaned her with some Fusion TSP and wiped her down well.  She was ready for paint!

You can see that she began life in the traditional white and gold, but she wanted a new dress!  I was happy to oblige.  She asked for a soft muted blue.  Little Whale was a little too pastel.  I added some Little Lamb but it became too gray.  I ended up mixing about 4 parts Little Whale, one part Little Lamb, and one part Champness to get this perfect gray-blue.  She got two coats and it was time to address the lovely trim.

I dry brushed the trim with a light coat of Limestone.  It was the perfect accent to my French blue!

She had such lovely curves I wanted to show them off.  I applied a light coat of Hemp Oil and lightly sanded with 600 grit.  I wasn’t trying to distress, I was just wanting to give her a silky smooth finish.

She seems rather pleased with her new look.  I know I am!