DIY has never been more popular, or easy, than it is today.  That’s why I’m bringing you the best tools and know-how so that you can turn a tired piece of furniture into a gorgeous piece you’ll love for years to come, including Fusion Mineral Paint and Iron Orchid Designs Decor.  I’m sharing with you the secrets of furniture flippers and which tools you need to complete your own make-overs.  So, welcome to Blue Star Antiques.  I’m Cyndi and I’ll be your coach!

If you’re looking for inspiration and the best source for paint and supplies, check out my booth at 23 Junk Street in Abilene. You can also check out my blog for make-over tutorials.  Blue Star Antiques also carries the full line of Fusion Mineral Paint and supplies as well as Iron Orchid Designs transfers, molds, and stamps.  Not in the area?

They’re here!  It’s been worth the wait! Introducing our New Fusion Fan Decks and Fusion Color Cards (True to Color).

Our new color cards are a true color paint chip! Showing exactly how the color looks when dried.

Our fan decks have descriptions and color pairings on the back of each color for inspiration to let your creativity run wild.

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Thank you for choosing Blue Star Antiques for all of your paint needs! Feel free to contact me if I can help you on your paint adventure!

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