Decoupage and Transfer Gel


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Fusion’s Decoupage and Transfer Gel is a fantastic product.  You can use it to accomplish a variety of techniques.


Fusion’s Decoupage and Transfer Gel is my favorite product to get a smooth, bubble-free decoupaged finish.  Apply two light coats of Transfer Gel to your surface and allow to dry.  Place your paper over the the dried Transfer Gel and Iron with a dry iron on hot heat.  The heat melts the transfer gel and fuses the paper, creating a smooth finish.  You can read the full tutorial here.

Image Transfer

For those of you who have played with Mod Podge,  Transfer Gel is different in that it provides a means of transferring the actual image, so your end result is just a picture with little to no paper remaining on the piece.  You can find a full tutorial here.

Decoupage onto Glass, metal, wood- you name it!


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