Sometimes when I start a piece I have a specific vision in mind.  Sometimes it turns out that way.  Sometimes it evolves into something else.  This night stand gave me fits!  Plan A just didn’t work.  So I wen to Plan B.  That was down right ugly!  So on to plan C!   Plan B was to paint it Casement and the brush over it with an angled brush in one coat of Liberty Blue to look like denim.  Some parts turned out well.  Some didn’t.  I just couldn’t live with it.


So I decided to mix it up and create a pattern on the drawer fronts.  I started by sketching out what I wanted and labeling the colors.  Then I started to paint.  I continued to use the Liberty Blue and added Fort York Red, Casement, and Champness for the accent colors.

Over the years I’ve found that Frog Tape is the best tape for projects like this.  Once I had the tape in place, I wet my finger and ran it along the edge.  The tape is designed so that moisture creates the bond that keep paint out.  I got great results using it!

I added new handles and gave it new life.  At the end of the day, I’m so happy with how it turned out.  Just wish I’d had the vision sooner.